Tuesday, December 22, 2009

. . . .FORGIVE && FORGET. . . .
(Quote for the REST of 2009. PEWWWN!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

.Chris Brown's Video, C.R.A.W.L.
Dear Chris, ii LOVE this video. so much emotion. . .

It's sad that stores across the world are neglecting putting Chris Brown cd on the shelves. It's funny how an individual can "rape a child" or "pee on a child" but still manage to keep their fans && be capable of selling out shows && cd's, but an individual who gets in a fight with his GIRLFRIEND can't do the same - scratches head - Not saying I agree with it but ish happens, you can't take it back. It's old and done. && there is no "comeback" to be made because Chris never Left, these are just childish acts that these stores are displaying. But it's cool, he's still selling elsewhere. Congrats Chris =)

Friday, December 11, 2009

.Lil Wayne: The "Carter" Documentary.

Wayne ingredients: Talent. Passion. Non-fearing. Syrup. && weed.

Watching this Wayne "Carter" documentary brings a lot of emotions through mii. I Laughed, got mad, a lot of mouth dropping and even cried - straight balled in tears. Every time I watch a documentary it gives mii the chance to either really "like" a person or really "dislike" a person && by watching this documentary I extremely LOVE this person...

It' something about Wayne, Like he's extremely unique. phenomenal. irregular. && I could keep going but you get it. I could sit here and critique him if I wanted to, but "he doesn't Like that" - crickets - Anywho, everyone knows about "his cup", I think since he gives us good music, we can not give him nothing back - besides buying his records - but "that cup" can. That cup is what makes him happy (&& "kush") in return. So whatever's in his cup, it's his cup, so Leave it alone.

Then I Look at the artist within his Label && I have these curious questions Like, are they intimidated? Like, do they feel pressured to be the "best"? When do they ever feel Like their music is "good enough"? Do they feel pressured to drink? Do they feel pressured to smoke? Do they feel pressured to have sex? Questions Like that. (those would generate towards the young artist Like Lil Twist or Lil Chuckee) I'm on the outside Looking in so I'm just going off of what I see. His world just seems so intriguing, everyday you would Learn something new && that's fonds mii.

I could talk all day about Wayne, so I'll just stop with this...

An artist that's unstoppable is Wayne. period. he will not stop, his mind never stops therefore his music will never stop. && at this point, when his music does stop. . . so will we.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

."Bad Girl's Club".
"Yeah, bitches. ii RUN LA.... Let's Party - screams -."

If your not tuned in, you should be. This is the most entertaining show since "Making The Band". Lol. A season full of drama, attention - whores, bisexuals, red - heads, drama queens, wanna - be "celebrities", ghetto girls and fights! What more can you ask for? && The "Life of the Party" Natalie has got to be thee funniest, fake-est, bossiest, corniness, psychotic individual I know, && to be honest, she's the main reason I will be watching this show. It's only the second episode and she's already falsely claimed "knowing" Chris Brown && punched somebody in the face! I'm anxious to see who, in the end is going to be the REAL "Life of the party"!

Tune in next tuesday 10pm on Oxygen and enjoyyyy! =)

Monday, December 7, 2009

.I Can Make Your "BEDROCK".

I can't remember the Last time I been excited about a video! Lol. Oh wait, Trey Songz, well Let's not talking about that. Anywho, there's no denying it "Cash Money/ Young Money" is where it's at. They Literally have some of the best artist that's out right now. If only Wale signed to Cash Money? Damn. Anywho, this video is so cute. I Like how animated everyone seems - it's Like a "Real World" theme, imagine if they really had a "Real World Cash Money style" talk about hoes, hoes and MORE hoesss - raises hand - Oh, I'll DEFINITELY be tuned in. Lmao.

&& I like how Lloyd completely disappeared && never really talked about who his new label was/may be but - clears throat -
I guess we know now....

Quick Question, where's Bow Wow && Lil Twist?....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

.Just Not Pretty Enough.

I'm not pretty enough because when I'm with you I feel ugly,
I'm not pretty enough because when I smile I seen crooked teeth,
I'm not pretty enough because I'm always alone so I feel incomplete.

I'm not pretty enough bc mii features on mii face are to big for mii,
I'm not pretty enough because all the people I like don't Like mii,
I'm not pretty enough because nobody has stole mii heart from mii.

So I took the time one day && looked up && asked God,
"Can you please make mii pretty enough for mii?" He replied,
"You not pretty enough simply because NOBODY is "pretty enough",
everyone is just as pretty as pretty can be *

written by:
Jennifer Laverne Neal

Friday, December 4, 2009

.Chris Brown's STILL Talkin'?.
"Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do" - Voltaire*

As you know, Rihanna decided to "come out" with her opinion on her and Chris Brown situation consequently when her album was coming out =/ But now Chris Brown has decided to talk yet AGAIN on the situation! Mii personally I think Chris has done enough talking. The situation is over, Chris is serving his consequences and Rihanna
has gone psychotic. the end.

*black eye peas voice* It's so 2010, that's so 2009. Move on. . . .

Thursday, December 3, 2009

.Brook Lynne Carter.
(Verified. Entertainer. Blogger.)

If you Twitter, I'm sure you've heard about @Brookandthecity. She is a stripper, currently employed at Magic City in ATL && not only is she GREAT at it but she seems to really enjoy her job, && to mii that's awesome. (well, in literal terms she's a "shaker") Imagine how many people criticize her on why she's a dancer && she continuously backs it up && apparently hasn't quit yet. - entertainer.
(P.s: Brook && Gigi are mii favorite's. "nohomo" =)

She also has a very interesting blog, www.absolutebrook.com, && every time she post new stories, opinions and so for I'm sure to Look. She has read, commented and followed mii blog as well, && told mii that she Liked it - screams -. Lol. But I've never actually met her but I Look forward to meeting her soon. Anyways, she twitters the most random, funny and interesting things but it's funny to me because I almost feel Like she's mii mind working on another account until I found out we were both pisces - so duhhhh.com. that explains it. - blogger.

Well, everyone seems to ask "why is she verified?" (on twitter) or "who is she?" and then find out she strips && a whole world of opinions spur but being the "awesome Brook" she is, she "pays it" && states clearly, "unfollow mii". Which is thee funniest thing to mii because they continue to follow her anyways. Haha. She's verified simply because she's Brook, well that's what I would say. - verified.

She has a book coming out sometime soon, I'm not sure when but she can go ahead and put mii one on the side for mii because I can't wait to buy it =)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sammie, better known as "Prince Sammie" was rather excited about Thanksgiving, I guess. Lol. He calls this, "my thanksgiving song". I just find it rather amazing how he can playfully sing about food && STILL sound better than half these R&B artist out - shrugs -....

"Shout out to the sweet potato pie that I ate, shout out to the stuffing that I ate, shout out to the jerk chicken that I ate, shout out to the potato salad that I ate, shout out to the corn bread that I didn't eat..... this is my thanksgiving song, thanksgiving song...." - Lol.

Follow him on Twitter: @PrinceSammie

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wale. Drake. Kid Cudi.

I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this picture. I call them the entrepreneurs of THEIR music. Everyone knew OF them but didn't know them but for some reason everyone who did LOVED them. Now their all over the place and people can't get enough of them.

PS: The way Wale smiles when he hears Solange Knowles (Yes, Beyonce's sister) name, is so cute to mii. Wish them the best of Luck :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

.StarCAMP Tattoo Party Pictures.

A while back I posted a blog about how much fun I had at mii homies Boogie && Sammie (StarCAMP) "Tattoo Party" && I just found some pictures. It's just a few but you get the point. E n j o y :)

Pictures by Jessyca Fuller.

Beyonce' Feat. Lady Gaga "Video Phone"

Is it just mii or does Beyonce' Look Like Rihanna in the beginning of this video? With her cute Little rat tail as a pony tail. I expected so much when I watched this video due to the hype but none of those expectations were reached. Not that this was a "bad" video - cause it wasn't - I just expected more than it offered. && did anyone else notice how the audio of Gaga's verse seems quite off? (3:19 mark) But I enjoyed the Little dance scene with Lady Gaga && the video is very attractive, such vibrant colors.

&& I noticed "True" Beyonce' fans tend to get so upset when someone disagrees with something Beyonce' does. A true fan Loves, accepts and enjoys everything that, that artist does but it's okay to sometimes disagree or dislike something that artist does as well. Not everyone is a "hater", their just being realistic. Everything that artist does is NOT perfect. && each person shares their own opinion && they are entitled to do so. So don't get so upset when your favorite artist has not Lived up to everyones expectations, it's okay. That doesn't mean they aren't one of the best....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Simply. Fawk. Negativity.

Just when things seem Like they can't get any worst. From teachers disliking you, rumors, misunderstandings to Twitter friends unfollowing you, these are things that shouldn't even matter. They do NOT make you. Your response is what makes you. If you respond to negativity in a negative way the result will be negative.

I find myself getting so caught up in the wrong worries. Unnecessary stress, drama and misunderstanding is all far beyond mii Likings. I've learnt that people do negative things to make you react negative && when you do, you do exactly what they want you to. Although it's so easy to get caught up in the negatives of a situation because you get so Lost into trying to prove yourself right to only be proved wrong. You do NOT have to prove anything to anybody. The proving is done by itself'. If you know inside yourself that what you are doing or have done is right, LEAVE IT THERE - inside yourself.

You receive more reactions out of negativity also which is what keeps your mind occupied on it. But the second you are positive towards it, everything gets silent because a stubborn mind finds it hard to accept failure. Everyone will fail at something in Life but failure towards negativity is something we all can prevent.

Therefore, ignore negativity while promoting positivity.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

.R i h a n n a Speaks Out.

Everyone seemed to be displeased with Rihanna's interview this morning. I personally don't think she said anything wrong. She said exactly what she was suppose to say for the public/media. She is a role model to young girls who suffer from domestic violence everyday && if she tells them this is okay, these young girls will really believe that. && that's sad. It's obvious Rihanna knows this was a mistake, Chris (Brown) was caught up in the moment, it was a reaction, I'm sure she was just as shocked as we all were but shit happens. It's good that she is promoting positivity but she's human just as well as we are, if the girl wants to be with Chris, so be it cause when they do get back together, which I think they will, everyone's going to call her a hypocrite && I'm going to simply say I told you so. People make mistakes. Not saying it's okay to stay with a man who beats you but in reality, no female Leaves a man that hit her one time && they have what seems to be a "perfect" relationship. She'll leave him that night. he apologizes, explains it was a mistake && their back together. Now after the second time, it's over, but the first time? You need more people, I don't believe you....

The only thing that is questionable about this interview is the timing, isn't her album suppose to be coming out??? I'm just saying....

"I'll say that to any young girl who is going through domestic violence. Don't react off of Love - EFF LOVE. Come out of the situation && Look at it, third person. For what it really is && then make your situation. Because Love is so blind." - Rihanna *

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Damn. Damn. Damn. Is all I can say at this point. He really got mii speechless. His Level of passion, sensitivity && sexiness is beyond belief. Regardless if this is just "acting for the video", it's still sexy && it CAN be done. With that being said, where are all the truly passionate, willing to carter men Like this? Just "eating the box" ain't the only catering a Lady Likes....

"I want your body Like right now // you know I Live a magnum Lifestyle // baby turn the Lights down // && Ima turn you onnnn"....

.Jay-Z interview.

I don't know what it is but I'm always inspired by Jay-Z interviews. It's something about his Laugh and the way he explains his past childhood compared to his Life now. He seems so happy with himself && his achievements. It's interesting to Listen to && I Learn alot from doing so && I Love it.

"You can be anything in the world, you don't let anyone tell you anything different. && those words && the things that she told mii I believe like whole-heartedly, to mii heart, to this day. Like I believed it so hard that I umm.. you know, she was umm.. I was the clay that she molded."

"I believe in everything in Life happens for a reason."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.Tiffany Evans can S A N G.

I know I'm Late as ever with this video, but that's besides the point. This bish "Tiffany Evans" can really sing. I put her in that category of "unnoticed artist" (the one's who come out for a split second then disappear.) It's funny to mii because all the "unnoticed artist" are the ones who can ACTUAL sing as oppose to the ones who are noticed, as of now. It's sad. && they do things Like this that PROVES, EXACTLY why they should be noticed....

.Tiffany Evans singing Beyonce's "Halo".....

That's a cute haircut && color also.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Friend. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Relationship.

I'm so tired of playing. Talking to this dude for one day. && not talking to him the next. That's a waste of time. Then do it all over again in a few weeks with another guy. Those are all waste of times && people I could have just left - unknown. What's the point?

At this point, how I'm feeling, I want someone I can call when I want to. They can call mii when they want. A non-stop texter, unless we have to. He randomly calls mii to go on surprise DATES. After a night of partying with mii girls, him with his guys we can both go home && share each others company. Someone to help turn mii fantasies into reality. Someone whose name flashes across mii screen && mii stomach gets butterflies. Somebody for when I'm having a HORRIBLE day I can call him && what seemed to be horrible isn't that horrible after all. Someone to make mii feel special && I do the same. Someone to have fun with, no jealously involved. We both know what's good. Mii boo thing, best friend. No title, just see where it ends. Just someone who makes mii feel good, be mii comfort zone....

Starting to feel Like this is to much to ask now-a-days...
I mean is it?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Chris Brown released his new video, "I Can Transform You", I Like it*

(&& I didn't put him over Rihanna on purpose. Lol. Coincidence.)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

.Rihanna is a bad, bad BISH.

Her edgy-ness has a confidence level of it's own && I Love it...
(Check out her newest project here, "Russian Roulette")

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Kanye West developed apparently a "short film" of himself entitled "We Were Once a FairyTale". It's quite interesting to mii, but the only thing I hate is that the media takes things Like this && runs with it. I'm almost certain they will find everything negative possible for why he produced this film the way he did. I Love his Level of creativity and expression. Therefore, I can't wait til Kanye explains the meaning behind it all....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.Carmelo Anthony's Interview.

"Raised" in Baltimore, Maryland, Carmelo Anthony explains all his mistakes he has made throughout his years of becoming a professional basketball player. To mii he really wishes these things didn't happen but everytime a problem arises his first instincts, from living in Baltimore and being ready for anything, kick in leaving him to forget the outcomes that will arise afterwards. He states, "Mistakes happen, everybody makes mistakes", && I agree.

P.S: Listen to the incident involving Lala (his wife), makes mii heart smile. (Although it shouldn't have happen) He's her security blanket && he made sure everyone knows...

Monday, October 19, 2009


So I received a text message (forward) a few minutes ago about a a 15 year old girl being cut down her face (seen in the picture to your right) by a 18 year old female because her 18 year old boyfriend was cheating on her with the 15 year old in ATL on the metro? I'm not sure if this is true but here's mii thoughts...

Mii mother always taught mii to NEVER put a male before a female. When I say "before a female" I mean for instance, if a man is going to cheat on you with another female, what you getting mad at the female for? 9 times outta 10 she didn't know about you. It's the male you should be mad at, HE'S the one in the relationship that fawked up, NOT HER.

I feel that NO female should have to fight over a male when it comes to another female. No matter how much you "Love" him, he must not "Love" you if you have to fight over him with ANOTHER FEMALE. If it's meant to be, then it'll be. Do NOT go chasing after him. Unless your the one who fawked up of course. But other than that, Let him walk. Tell him to go. But if he is sitting there pleading his case, trying to get you to forgive him, it is then your decision to either take him back or flat out tell him no.

Females get caught up in fighting each other that they forget that at the end of the day if that male wants to be with the other female, he's going to be with her. If that male wants to be with you, then he will be with you. YOU CAN NOT STOP ANYONE FROM CHEATING. It is that individuals choice to make the decisions they make. You can only suggest && tell them what you want or what you expect. After that, either they can take what your saying into consideration or not.

Most people will say, "Well, it's easy to say but it's not as easy to do". Well, trust mii AS SOON AS you do get out of that relationship, I can bet you ALL your money your going to feel like you wasted ALL your time by staying with him. So the sooner the better. Because I can guarantee you, it might be hard but there is a BILLION more mature fish in the sea.

So, if that women is not on some "Obsession" type ish, Let him go....

Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Here goes a throwback video of your new boyfriend Darnell. Lol" Thanks for sending mii a throwback joint, (they don't want mii to say their name. Lol) but I don't even know him (Darnell) Like that, just kinda met him today, he's cool peeps now though.

ENJOY :) Throwback joint of the week;
Von Swag Feat. Darnell "Juice" Robinson - "Here I am"...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

. a DREAM so close, yet far.

Everyday I see mii dreams become a bit
closer but yet a bit farther.
I feel like I'm so close but,
mii arms aren't Long enough.
Like I can touch it but I can't feel it.

To see other people where you want
to be should make you push farther.
Right? Like I can do what their doing
but better - I'm positive.
Or you think how come it came so easy
to them but it's so hard for mii?

Then one becomes insecure with themselves.
"I'm not good enough, I'm not
pretty, I'll never be noticed."
It's almost Like you've did
all you've done for nothing.

But then you remember,
we're all in the same struggle.
It's your choice to push farther or stay behind.

Dreams are only dreams if your sleeping....

Yours truly,