Monday, August 31, 2009


*As I listen to mii mother yelling at mii*

Every time mii mom yells she always makes sure "I know" she feels (THINKS ) I don't appreciate anything I have, I take everything for granted, I need to be happy I have a place to sleep, a car && Im in college, blah...blah..blahh...

It seems to mii at times mii mother can be so negative, she doesn't seem to think anything is possible, she lives in the present while I tend to live in the future...I look at where I WILL be while she looks at where we are NOW, you'll get nowhere thinking like that - dream bigger; go farther.

Idk (I don't know) how else to say this but I can't walk around saying how much I appreciate these things, I am VERY proud && appreciative of the things I have - I feel like that is self-explanatory because I never take advantage of these things, I go off what I DO have to get what I DON'T have - a reason to press on. When people look at others they tend to judge "Man, he/she don't have nothing to worry about, she/he rich - spoiled && get whatever they wants" but one must learn - the material things get old QUICK.

Every time I meet new people, they get to know mii && see how "happy. bubbly. stylish. && fun" I am then later they always say, "You rich ain't you && spoiled?!!" && that's where mii favorite quote comes into effect - "Looks are deceiving" - the realest thing one could have said...

Just cause I look happy, dress nice && basically live like I'm "rich" does NOT mean I am any of those things, it's all in the way you carry yourself - carry yourself the way you want to be viewed && how you want to live && you WILL get there - i promise && thats what I do.

It hit mii today as I listened to Sammie's "Sky's The Limit" && realized these three words will FOREVER be the words I will live by.
NOTE: Dream the impossible && you'll see anythings possible....


( GREAT job Starcamp ;) )

"When it's hard // the road gets tough // the moneys low // when you had enough // && there's one way in // && no way out // we don't break - we show em what we about...

Ain't no giving up // we on the rise // don't hold your head down // look to the sky // keep pushing on // we gotta make it // the time is now // you know the SKY'S THE LIMIT"*

Monday, August 24, 2009

.That's what I call running ish...
- Amber Rose; THE END.

I just had a quick thought on this, people always say "you only get one life to live" or "live everyday like its your last"...well, think about it, if we really did this && that day ain't your "last day" && you do something you KNOW you will regret your gonna wish you didn't live everyday like its your last - but this is just MII OPINION..!!

How about,
"live everyday happy - drama free the best way u can" !! ;)

. The Greenlight Mixtape .

Shad Moss formly known as Bow Wow has
just released his "Greenlight" mixtape today && the shit is HAWT - let mii add that he just recently signed to "CASH MONEY", yeah with the hottest rapper alive "Weezy F.Baby"!!

In this mixtape Bow is expressing the mature side of "Shad Moss", in one song "On my mind" he even admits he still has love for his former ex-girlfriend "Ciara",so sweet, but as they say
"u never know wat u got til it's gone"!!

Anywho, his cd now has
"Parental Advisory" && I love it - if he wasn't released from his previous label I can almost promise we would have NEVER seen this side of Bow Wow && ever since that "wetter" remix I don't want him to EVER go back..!! *wink*

Just imagine what the cd going to be like....

Download here:

Friday, August 7, 2009


"Aye, Shawty I got more money than that nigga you wit *proceeds to flash money*" PAUSEEEEEE...EWH, that is by far THEE worst thing a guy can do! When you floss your money to a female, thinking that's going to "get" them, you basically saying "all I got is money" - what about your personality or your di*k game?!!

Also, if a female DOES proceed to talk to you, all she want is the money because you haven't even given her the chance to "know/like you" all she/we know is [ OH, this nicca got money ]. Mii personally, I am EXTREMELY unattractive to a nicca that flosses his money, thats childish! If you have money, you have money; either people know or they don't! Either way who needs to know?! At the end of the day "MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL"....

So, as long as you getting them bills paid && you keeping yourself up to par, your good with mii!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Girl, shake that [ BOOTY MEAT ]!!

...I don't know; this song just gets mii everytime*

.She give head like a pornstar.

Head is a pleasure for both male && female, I personally don't think there is anything wrong with it as well! Most females swear up && down "I WILL NEVER GIVE A NICCA HEAD!" Why?!! He give you head! We lucky to only have to suck, imagine if we had to lick! (Okay, I'll stop right there) But anywho, somehow we got into how we just want to randomly give head! Because it ain't nothing better then *EXPLICIT* making a "hard-core" nicca sqworm, toes curl, shake && bust a "can't do nothing else" n _ _! Cause at that moment the female becomes the male....

.Practice Abstinence.

It seems like the longer I don't have sex the longer I don't get/find/have a boyfriend or "man-friend", not because I'm not having sex and they want it but because I'm afraid that I will slip up and have sex with a "man-friend" && stop liking him - this sounds so weird, i know - CONFESSION: I suffered from hitting it && quitting it in [ mii past ]; I was a very non-caring female; a man trapped in a females body, is what they used to call it! Hey, if thats all I wanted, thats all I wanted! Lol. But after "growing up" I'm ready to have a "real" relationship, but it's so hard, the only step I've past is being abstinent but when will the relationship come?!!

Steps to a "REAL" relationship:
Step 1. Practice Abstinence
Step 2. ????????
Step 3. ????????
Step 4. ????????

....Is there even a such thing as a real relationship now-a-days?!!

.&& then I'm going to pull your hair.

Hair pulling seems so exotic, freaky && something I'll slap a nicca for doing, but I didnt notice until today that I like mii hair being pulled, it just felt randomly good (it wasn't during sexual activities), or maybe it was just because "HE" did it, but idk
- I liked it*

Monday, August 3, 2009

Officially a BOSS.BARB!E.B*TCH.

So I met the infamous "Nicki Minaj" last night at[ Ohanaz ] in Virginia Beach, VA! She was very sweet && gorgeous - && her butt was PHAT! (Phew had to get that out) Anywho, I love her she really is a LIFE-SIZE Barbie! =]


Amber Rose "the girlfriend of the new prince Kanye West" seems to be the FIERCE'S BISH I KNOW! She is also starting trends around town with her [ bold bald head ] :: POR EXAMPLE :: Solange Knowles! But it seems to mii that no one is pulling it off as well as she is...


But Im not the one to gossip...

Just when you thought pants couldn't get any tighter; "YOUR A JERK" came out, I know!!

...But these some CUTE JERKS!!