Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.Tiffany Evans can S A N G.

I know I'm Late as ever with this video, but that's besides the point. This bish "Tiffany Evans" can really sing. I put her in that category of "unnoticed artist" (the one's who come out for a split second then disappear.) It's funny to mii because all the "unnoticed artist" are the ones who can ACTUAL sing as oppose to the ones who are noticed, as of now. It's sad. && they do things Like this that PROVES, EXACTLY why they should be noticed....

.Tiffany Evans singing Beyonce's "Halo".....

That's a cute haircut && color also.


  1. it's crazy what the media does to distort talent. I def didn't know her voice was this pretty

  2. Mii point exactly, in due time - that'll see...