Thursday, November 5, 2009

.R i h a n n a Speaks Out.

Everyone seemed to be displeased with Rihanna's interview this morning. I personally don't think she said anything wrong. She said exactly what she was suppose to say for the public/media. She is a role model to young girls who suffer from domestic violence everyday && if she tells them this is okay, these young girls will really believe that. && that's sad. It's obvious Rihanna knows this was a mistake, Chris (Brown) was caught up in the moment, it was a reaction, I'm sure she was just as shocked as we all were but shit happens. It's good that she is promoting positivity but she's human just as well as we are, if the girl wants to be with Chris, so be it cause when they do get back together, which I think they will, everyone's going to call her a hypocrite && I'm going to simply say I told you so. People make mistakes. Not saying it's okay to stay with a man who beats you but in reality, no female Leaves a man that hit her one time && they have what seems to be a "perfect" relationship. She'll leave him that night. he apologizes, explains it was a mistake && their back together. Now after the second time, it's over, but the first time? You need more people, I don't believe you....

The only thing that is questionable about this interview is the timing, isn't her album suppose to be coming out??? I'm just saying....

"I'll say that to any young girl who is going through domestic violence. Don't react off of Love - EFF LOVE. Come out of the situation && Look at it, third person. For what it really is && then make your situation. Because Love is so blind." - Rihanna *

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