Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sammie, better known as "Prince Sammie" was rather excited about Thanksgiving, I guess. Lol. He calls this, "my thanksgiving song". I just find it rather amazing how he can playfully sing about food && STILL sound better than half these R&B artist out - shrugs -....

"Shout out to the sweet potato pie that I ate, shout out to the stuffing that I ate, shout out to the jerk chicken that I ate, shout out to the potato salad that I ate, shout out to the corn bread that I didn't eat..... this is my thanksgiving song, thanksgiving song...." - Lol.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wale. Drake. Kid Cudi.

I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this picture. I call them the entrepreneurs of THEIR music. Everyone knew OF them but didn't know them but for some reason everyone who did LOVED them. Now their all over the place and people can't get enough of them.

PS: The way Wale smiles when he hears Solange Knowles (Yes, Beyonce's sister) name, is so cute to mii. Wish them the best of Luck :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

.StarCAMP Tattoo Party Pictures.

A while back I posted a blog about how much fun I had at mii homies Boogie && Sammie (StarCAMP) "Tattoo Party" && I just found some pictures. It's just a few but you get the point. E n j o y :)

Pictures by Jessyca Fuller.

Beyonce' Feat. Lady Gaga "Video Phone"

Is it just mii or does Beyonce' Look Like Rihanna in the beginning of this video? With her cute Little rat tail as a pony tail. I expected so much when I watched this video due to the hype but none of those expectations were reached. Not that this was a "bad" video - cause it wasn't - I just expected more than it offered. && did anyone else notice how the audio of Gaga's verse seems quite off? (3:19 mark) But I enjoyed the Little dance scene with Lady Gaga && the video is very attractive, such vibrant colors.

&& I noticed "True" Beyonce' fans tend to get so upset when someone disagrees with something Beyonce' does. A true fan Loves, accepts and enjoys everything that, that artist does but it's okay to sometimes disagree or dislike something that artist does as well. Not everyone is a "hater", their just being realistic. Everything that artist does is NOT perfect. && each person shares their own opinion && they are entitled to do so. So don't get so upset when your favorite artist has not Lived up to everyones expectations, it's okay. That doesn't mean they aren't one of the best....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Simply. Fawk. Negativity.

Just when things seem Like they can't get any worst. From teachers disliking you, rumors, misunderstandings to Twitter friends unfollowing you, these are things that shouldn't even matter. They do NOT make you. Your response is what makes you. If you respond to negativity in a negative way the result will be negative.

I find myself getting so caught up in the wrong worries. Unnecessary stress, drama and misunderstanding is all far beyond mii Likings. I've learnt that people do negative things to make you react negative && when you do, you do exactly what they want you to. Although it's so easy to get caught up in the negatives of a situation because you get so Lost into trying to prove yourself right to only be proved wrong. You do NOT have to prove anything to anybody. The proving is done by itself'. If you know inside yourself that what you are doing or have done is right, LEAVE IT THERE - inside yourself.

You receive more reactions out of negativity also which is what keeps your mind occupied on it. But the second you are positive towards it, everything gets silent because a stubborn mind finds it hard to accept failure. Everyone will fail at something in Life but failure towards negativity is something we all can prevent.

Therefore, ignore negativity while promoting positivity.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

.R i h a n n a Speaks Out.

Everyone seemed to be displeased with Rihanna's interview this morning. I personally don't think she said anything wrong. She said exactly what she was suppose to say for the public/media. She is a role model to young girls who suffer from domestic violence everyday && if she tells them this is okay, these young girls will really believe that. && that's sad. It's obvious Rihanna knows this was a mistake, Chris (Brown) was caught up in the moment, it was a reaction, I'm sure she was just as shocked as we all were but shit happens. It's good that she is promoting positivity but she's human just as well as we are, if the girl wants to be with Chris, so be it cause when they do get back together, which I think they will, everyone's going to call her a hypocrite && I'm going to simply say I told you so. People make mistakes. Not saying it's okay to stay with a man who beats you but in reality, no female Leaves a man that hit her one time && they have what seems to be a "perfect" relationship. She'll leave him that night. he apologizes, explains it was a mistake && their back together. Now after the second time, it's over, but the first time? You need more people, I don't believe you....

The only thing that is questionable about this interview is the timing, isn't her album suppose to be coming out??? I'm just saying....

"I'll say that to any young girl who is going through domestic violence. Don't react off of Love - EFF LOVE. Come out of the situation && Look at it, third person. For what it really is && then make your situation. Because Love is so blind." - Rihanna *

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Damn. Damn. Damn. Is all I can say at this point. He really got mii speechless. His Level of passion, sensitivity && sexiness is beyond belief. Regardless if this is just "acting for the video", it's still sexy && it CAN be done. With that being said, where are all the truly passionate, willing to carter men Like this? Just "eating the box" ain't the only catering a Lady Likes....

"I want your body Like right now // you know I Live a magnum Lifestyle // baby turn the Lights down // && Ima turn you onnnn"....

.Jay-Z interview.

I don't know what it is but I'm always inspired by Jay-Z interviews. It's something about his Laugh and the way he explains his past childhood compared to his Life now. He seems so happy with himself && his achievements. It's interesting to Listen to && I Learn alot from doing so && I Love it.

"You can be anything in the world, you don't let anyone tell you anything different. && those words && the things that she told mii I believe like whole-heartedly, to mii heart, to this day. Like I believed it so hard that I umm.. you know, she was umm.. I was the clay that she molded."

"I believe in everything in Life happens for a reason."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.Tiffany Evans can S A N G.

I know I'm Late as ever with this video, but that's besides the point. This bish "Tiffany Evans" can really sing. I put her in that category of "unnoticed artist" (the one's who come out for a split second then disappear.) It's funny to mii because all the "unnoticed artist" are the ones who can ACTUAL sing as oppose to the ones who are noticed, as of now. It's sad. && they do things Like this that PROVES, EXACTLY why they should be noticed....

.Tiffany Evans singing Beyonce's "Halo".....

That's a cute haircut && color also.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Friend. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Relationship.

I'm so tired of playing. Talking to this dude for one day. && not talking to him the next. That's a waste of time. Then do it all over again in a few weeks with another guy. Those are all waste of times && people I could have just left - unknown. What's the point?

At this point, how I'm feeling, I want someone I can call when I want to. They can call mii when they want. A non-stop texter, unless we have to. He randomly calls mii to go on surprise DATES. After a night of partying with mii girls, him with his guys we can both go home && share each others company. Someone to help turn mii fantasies into reality. Someone whose name flashes across mii screen && mii stomach gets butterflies. Somebody for when I'm having a HORRIBLE day I can call him && what seemed to be horrible isn't that horrible after all. Someone to make mii feel special && I do the same. Someone to have fun with, no jealously involved. We both know what's good. Mii boo thing, best friend. No title, just see where it ends. Just someone who makes mii feel good, be mii comfort zone....

Starting to feel Like this is to much to ask now-a-days...
I mean is it?