Thursday, December 3, 2009

.Brook Lynne Carter.
(Verified. Entertainer. Blogger.)

If you Twitter, I'm sure you've heard about @Brookandthecity. She is a stripper, currently employed at Magic City in ATL && not only is she GREAT at it but she seems to really enjoy her job, && to mii that's awesome. (well, in literal terms she's a "shaker") Imagine how many people criticize her on why she's a dancer && she continuously backs it up && apparently hasn't quit yet. - entertainer.
(P.s: Brook && Gigi are mii favorite's. "nohomo" =)

She also has a very interesting blog,, && every time she post new stories, opinions and so for I'm sure to Look. She has read, commented and followed mii blog as well, && told mii that she Liked it - screams -. Lol. But I've never actually met her but I Look forward to meeting her soon. Anyways, she twitters the most random, funny and interesting things but it's funny to me because I almost feel Like she's mii mind working on another account until I found out we were both pisces - so that explains it. - blogger.

Well, everyone seems to ask "why is she verified?" (on twitter) or "who is she?" and then find out she strips && a whole world of opinions spur but being the "awesome Brook" she is, she "pays it" && states clearly, "unfollow mii". Which is thee funniest thing to mii because they continue to follow her anyways. Haha. She's verified simply because she's Brook, well that's what I would say. - verified.

She has a book coming out sometime soon, I'm not sure when but she can go ahead and put mii one on the side for mii because I can't wait to buy it =)

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