Wednesday, December 9, 2009

."Bad Girl's Club".
"Yeah, bitches. ii RUN LA.... Let's Party - screams -."

If your not tuned in, you should be. This is the most entertaining show since "Making The Band". Lol. A season full of drama, attention - whores, bisexuals, red - heads, drama queens, wanna - be "celebrities", ghetto girls and fights! What more can you ask for? && The "Life of the Party" Natalie has got to be thee funniest, fake-est, bossiest, corniness, psychotic individual I know, && to be honest, she's the main reason I will be watching this show. It's only the second episode and she's already falsely claimed "knowing" Chris Brown && punched somebody in the face! I'm anxious to see who, in the end is going to be the REAL "Life of the party"!

Tune in next tuesday 10pm on Oxygen and enjoyyyy! =)

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