Monday, December 7, 2009

.I Can Make Your "BEDROCK".

I can't remember the Last time I been excited about a video! Lol. Oh wait, Trey Songz, well Let's not talking about that. Anywho, there's no denying it "Cash Money/ Young Money" is where it's at. They Literally have some of the best artist that's out right now. If only Wale signed to Cash Money? Damn. Anywho, this video is so cute. I Like how animated everyone seems - it's Like a "Real World" theme, imagine if they really had a "Real World Cash Money style" talk about hoes, hoes and MORE hoesss - raises hand - Oh, I'll DEFINITELY be tuned in. Lmao.

&& I like how Lloyd completely disappeared && never really talked about who his new label was/may be but - clears throat -
I guess we know now....

Quick Question, where's Bow Wow && Lil Twist?....

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