Tuesday, December 22, 2009

. . . .FORGIVE && FORGET. . . .
(Quote for the REST of 2009. PEWWWN!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

.Chris Brown's Video, C.R.A.W.L.
Dear Chris, ii LOVE this video. so much emotion. . .

It's sad that stores across the world are neglecting putting Chris Brown cd on the shelves. It's funny how an individual can "rape a child" or "pee on a child" but still manage to keep their fans && be capable of selling out shows && cd's, but an individual who gets in a fight with his GIRLFRIEND can't do the same - scratches head - Not saying I agree with it but ish happens, you can't take it back. It's old and done. && there is no "comeback" to be made because Chris never Left, these are just childish acts that these stores are displaying. But it's cool, he's still selling elsewhere. Congrats Chris =)

Friday, December 11, 2009

.Lil Wayne: The "Carter" Documentary.

Wayne ingredients: Talent. Passion. Non-fearing. Syrup. && weed.

Watching this Wayne "Carter" documentary brings a lot of emotions through mii. I Laughed, got mad, a lot of mouth dropping and even cried - straight balled in tears. Every time I watch a documentary it gives mii the chance to either really "like" a person or really "dislike" a person && by watching this documentary I extremely LOVE this person...

It' something about Wayne, Like he's extremely unique. phenomenal. irregular. && I could keep going but you get it. I could sit here and critique him if I wanted to, but "he doesn't Like that" - crickets - Anywho, everyone knows about "his cup", I think since he gives us good music, we can not give him nothing back - besides buying his records - but "that cup" can. That cup is what makes him happy (&& "kush") in return. So whatever's in his cup, it's his cup, so Leave it alone.

Then I Look at the artist within his Label && I have these curious questions Like, are they intimidated? Like, do they feel pressured to be the "best"? When do they ever feel Like their music is "good enough"? Do they feel pressured to drink? Do they feel pressured to smoke? Do they feel pressured to have sex? Questions Like that. (those would generate towards the young artist Like Lil Twist or Lil Chuckee) I'm on the outside Looking in so I'm just going off of what I see. His world just seems so intriguing, everyday you would Learn something new && that's fonds mii.

I could talk all day about Wayne, so I'll just stop with this...

An artist that's unstoppable is Wayne. period. he will not stop, his mind never stops therefore his music will never stop. && at this point, when his music does stop. . . so will we.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

."Bad Girl's Club".
"Yeah, bitches. ii RUN LA.... Let's Party - screams -."

If your not tuned in, you should be. This is the most entertaining show since "Making The Band". Lol. A season full of drama, attention - whores, bisexuals, red - heads, drama queens, wanna - be "celebrities", ghetto girls and fights! What more can you ask for? && The "Life of the Party" Natalie has got to be thee funniest, fake-est, bossiest, corniness, psychotic individual I know, && to be honest, she's the main reason I will be watching this show. It's only the second episode and she's already falsely claimed "knowing" Chris Brown && punched somebody in the face! I'm anxious to see who, in the end is going to be the REAL "Life of the party"!

Tune in next tuesday 10pm on Oxygen and enjoyyyy! =)

Monday, December 7, 2009

.I Can Make Your "BEDROCK".

I can't remember the Last time I been excited about a video! Lol. Oh wait, Trey Songz, well Let's not talking about that. Anywho, there's no denying it "Cash Money/ Young Money" is where it's at. They Literally have some of the best artist that's out right now. If only Wale signed to Cash Money? Damn. Anywho, this video is so cute. I Like how animated everyone seems - it's Like a "Real World" theme, imagine if they really had a "Real World Cash Money style" talk about hoes, hoes and MORE hoesss - raises hand - Oh, I'll DEFINITELY be tuned in. Lmao.

&& I like how Lloyd completely disappeared && never really talked about who his new label was/may be but - clears throat -
I guess we know now....

Quick Question, where's Bow Wow && Lil Twist?....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

.Just Not Pretty Enough.

I'm not pretty enough because when I'm with you I feel ugly,
I'm not pretty enough because when I smile I seen crooked teeth,
I'm not pretty enough because I'm always alone so I feel incomplete.

I'm not pretty enough bc mii features on mii face are to big for mii,
I'm not pretty enough because all the people I like don't Like mii,
I'm not pretty enough because nobody has stole mii heart from mii.

So I took the time one day && looked up && asked God,
"Can you please make mii pretty enough for mii?" He replied,
"You not pretty enough simply because NOBODY is "pretty enough",
everyone is just as pretty as pretty can be *

written by:
Jennifer Laverne Neal

Friday, December 4, 2009

.Chris Brown's STILL Talkin'?.
"Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do" - Voltaire*

As you know, Rihanna decided to "come out" with her opinion on her and Chris Brown situation consequently when her album was coming out =/ But now Chris Brown has decided to talk yet AGAIN on the situation! Mii personally I think Chris has done enough talking. The situation is over, Chris is serving his consequences and Rihanna
has gone psychotic. the end.

*black eye peas voice* It's so 2010, that's so 2009. Move on. . . .

Thursday, December 3, 2009

.Brook Lynne Carter.
(Verified. Entertainer. Blogger.)

If you Twitter, I'm sure you've heard about @Brookandthecity. She is a stripper, currently employed at Magic City in ATL && not only is she GREAT at it but she seems to really enjoy her job, && to mii that's awesome. (well, in literal terms she's a "shaker") Imagine how many people criticize her on why she's a dancer && she continuously backs it up && apparently hasn't quit yet. - entertainer.
(P.s: Brook && Gigi are mii favorite's. "nohomo" =)

She also has a very interesting blog, www.absolutebrook.com, && every time she post new stories, opinions and so for I'm sure to Look. She has read, commented and followed mii blog as well, && told mii that she Liked it - screams -. Lol. But I've never actually met her but I Look forward to meeting her soon. Anyways, she twitters the most random, funny and interesting things but it's funny to me because I almost feel Like she's mii mind working on another account until I found out we were both pisces - so duhhhh.com. that explains it. - blogger.

Well, everyone seems to ask "why is she verified?" (on twitter) or "who is she?" and then find out she strips && a whole world of opinions spur but being the "awesome Brook" she is, she "pays it" && states clearly, "unfollow mii". Which is thee funniest thing to mii because they continue to follow her anyways. Haha. She's verified simply because she's Brook, well that's what I would say. - verified.

She has a book coming out sometime soon, I'm not sure when but she can go ahead and put mii one on the side for mii because I can't wait to buy it =)