Monday, October 19, 2009


So I received a text message (forward) a few minutes ago about a a 15 year old girl being cut down her face (seen in the picture to your right) by a 18 year old female because her 18 year old boyfriend was cheating on her with the 15 year old in ATL on the metro? I'm not sure if this is true but here's mii thoughts...

Mii mother always taught mii to NEVER put a male before a female. When I say "before a female" I mean for instance, if a man is going to cheat on you with another female, what you getting mad at the female for? 9 times outta 10 she didn't know about you. It's the male you should be mad at, HE'S the one in the relationship that fawked up, NOT HER.

I feel that NO female should have to fight over a male when it comes to another female. No matter how much you "Love" him, he must not "Love" you if you have to fight over him with ANOTHER FEMALE. If it's meant to be, then it'll be. Do NOT go chasing after him. Unless your the one who fawked up of course. But other than that, Let him walk. Tell him to go. But if he is sitting there pleading his case, trying to get you to forgive him, it is then your decision to either take him back or flat out tell him no.

Females get caught up in fighting each other that they forget that at the end of the day if that male wants to be with the other female, he's going to be with her. If that male wants to be with you, then he will be with you. YOU CAN NOT STOP ANYONE FROM CHEATING. It is that individuals choice to make the decisions they make. You can only suggest && tell them what you want or what you expect. After that, either they can take what your saying into consideration or not.

Most people will say, "Well, it's easy to say but it's not as easy to do". Well, trust mii AS SOON AS you do get out of that relationship, I can bet you ALL your money your going to feel like you wasted ALL your time by staying with him. So the sooner the better. Because I can guarantee you, it might be hard but there is a BILLION more mature fish in the sea.

So, if that women is not on some "Obsession" type ish, Let him go....

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