Wednesday, May 19, 2010

.A Day With Sammie.
Produced by: Boogie (@BOOGIESWORLD)

Have you ever wanted to know what your favorite "Celebrity" was doing? Like, their behind the screens action? Yeah, mii too. That's why I used to like that show, MTV: "Diary".

After watching people, personally, behind the scene, it gives you the opportunity to actually get to know the person and/or feel as though you do && feeling as though you may never actually get to meet them, what better feeling is that?

Well, Let's call this the "Diary" of Sammie (@princesammie). You get the chance to follow behind the scenes with Sammie and although his twitter is always quite interesting, this way you get to actually SEE him doing it. Besides the fact that he's really cute, outgoing and talented.... Enjoy! ;-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010



Yeah soooo, I have been Looking for some high-waisted jeans for FOREVER! && these happen to be the PERFECT pair!

BUT, what brand are they? Where can I find these? "Knock-off's" are appreciated, as well. (LOL) I just...


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Each month will present an unknown "Artist" whom should be known.)

Every once and awhile I search youtube, to find the video of my Latest favorite song and then I usually click on random people who uploaded their own versions on the song. So, today I searched Alicia Keys, "Unthinkable" and I found a cute asian girl by the name "Lydia Paek". && I INSTANTLY, fell in LOVE with her. I'm a suckerrrr for any individual, male or female, that can sing. If you can sing, you can SANG! I know I'm Late finding her, cause her youtube has over 200,000,000 views but this chicka can SANG! Check her out!

Click Link below to check her out:

Chris Brown && Tyga

If you haven't already heard, Chris Brown && Tyga have a mixtape coming out set to be released May 17, 2010 called, "Fan of a Fan". They actually released their first song off the mixtape, "Holla At Me" a few weeks ago and I fell in LOVE! I can't wait to get his mixtape. Make sure to download it, guaranteed smash-tape! && maybe it's just me but, Chris Brown actually raps just as good as he sings. #loveit.

"I'm the shit! Yeah, I go hard! Don't stand in lines, nicca I bogard. B
ad boy celebrity cause I'm so large. && don't need no battery cause I'm in charge!" - Chris Brown *