Friday, December 11, 2009

.Lil Wayne: The "Carter" Documentary.

Wayne ingredients: Talent. Passion. Non-fearing. Syrup. && weed.

Watching this Wayne "Carter" documentary brings a lot of emotions through mii. I Laughed, got mad, a lot of mouth dropping and even cried - straight balled in tears. Every time I watch a documentary it gives mii the chance to either really "like" a person or really "dislike" a person && by watching this documentary I extremely LOVE this person...

It' something about Wayne, Like he's extremely unique. phenomenal. irregular. && I could keep going but you get it. I could sit here and critique him if I wanted to, but "he doesn't Like that" - crickets - Anywho, everyone knows about "his cup", I think since he gives us good music, we can not give him nothing back - besides buying his records - but "that cup" can. That cup is what makes him happy (&& "kush") in return. So whatever's in his cup, it's his cup, so Leave it alone.

Then I Look at the artist within his Label && I have these curious questions Like, are they intimidated? Like, do they feel pressured to be the "best"? When do they ever feel Like their music is "good enough"? Do they feel pressured to drink? Do they feel pressured to smoke? Do they feel pressured to have sex? Questions Like that. (those would generate towards the young artist Like Lil Twist or Lil Chuckee) I'm on the outside Looking in so I'm just going off of what I see. His world just seems so intriguing, everyday you would Learn something new && that's fonds mii.

I could talk all day about Wayne, so I'll just stop with this...

An artist that's unstoppable is Wayne. period. he will not stop, his mind never stops therefore his music will never stop. && at this point, when his music does stop. . . so will we.

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