Monday, August 24, 2009

. The Greenlight Mixtape .

Shad Moss formly known as Bow Wow has
just released his "Greenlight" mixtape today && the shit is HAWT - let mii add that he just recently signed to "CASH MONEY", yeah with the hottest rapper alive "Weezy F.Baby"!!

In this mixtape Bow is expressing the mature side of "Shad Moss", in one song "On my mind" he even admits he still has love for his former ex-girlfriend "Ciara",so sweet, but as they say
"u never know wat u got til it's gone"!!

Anywho, his cd now has
"Parental Advisory" && I love it - if he wasn't released from his previous label I can almost promise we would have NEVER seen this side of Bow Wow && ever since that "wetter" remix I don't want him to EVER go back..!! *wink*

Just imagine what the cd going to be like....

Download here:

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