Friday, August 7, 2009


"Aye, Shawty I got more money than that nigga you wit *proceeds to flash money*" PAUSEEEEEE...EWH, that is by far THEE worst thing a guy can do! When you floss your money to a female, thinking that's going to "get" them, you basically saying "all I got is money" - what about your personality or your di*k game?!!

Also, if a female DOES proceed to talk to you, all she want is the money because you haven't even given her the chance to "know/like you" all she/we know is [ OH, this nicca got money ]. Mii personally, I am EXTREMELY unattractive to a nicca that flosses his money, thats childish! If you have money, you have money; either people know or they don't! Either way who needs to know?! At the end of the day "MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL"....

So, as long as you getting them bills paid && you keeping yourself up to par, your good with mii!

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