Monday, August 31, 2009


*As I listen to mii mother yelling at mii*

Every time mii mom yells she always makes sure "I know" she feels (THINKS ) I don't appreciate anything I have, I take everything for granted, I need to be happy I have a place to sleep, a car && Im in college, blah...blah..blahh...

It seems to mii at times mii mother can be so negative, she doesn't seem to think anything is possible, she lives in the present while I tend to live in the future...I look at where I WILL be while she looks at where we are NOW, you'll get nowhere thinking like that - dream bigger; go farther.

Idk (I don't know) how else to say this but I can't walk around saying how much I appreciate these things, I am VERY proud && appreciative of the things I have - I feel like that is self-explanatory because I never take advantage of these things, I go off what I DO have to get what I DON'T have - a reason to press on. When people look at others they tend to judge "Man, he/she don't have nothing to worry about, she/he rich - spoiled && get whatever they wants" but one must learn - the material things get old QUICK.

Every time I meet new people, they get to know mii && see how "happy. bubbly. stylish. && fun" I am then later they always say, "You rich ain't you && spoiled?!!" && that's where mii favorite quote comes into effect - "Looks are deceiving" - the realest thing one could have said...

Just cause I look happy, dress nice && basically live like I'm "rich" does NOT mean I am any of those things, it's all in the way you carry yourself - carry yourself the way you want to be viewed && how you want to live && you WILL get there - i promise && thats what I do.

It hit mii today as I listened to Sammie's "Sky's The Limit" && realized these three words will FOREVER be the words I will live by.
NOTE: Dream the impossible && you'll see anythings possible....


( GREAT job Starcamp ;) )

"When it's hard // the road gets tough // the moneys low // when you had enough // && there's one way in // && no way out // we don't break - we show em what we about...

Ain't no giving up // we on the rise // don't hold your head down // look to the sky // keep pushing on // we gotta make it // the time is now // you know the SKY'S THE LIMIT"*

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