Wednesday, October 14, 2009

.Sex Sales. Period.

Ok, so I just read Brook in the city's blog && it really caught mii attention. The blog is based around "prostitution", is it legal, illegal, what is it, who cares && so for...

Well, as I was reading it, it got mii to thinking about the whole concept of "Sex Sales". Period. Point blank. I feel as though the statement wouldn't be used as much as it is if the ish wasn't true. For instance, a new artist, female to exact && to be more exact, Nicki Minaj. Well, she has these delicious looking boobs && this perfect shaped ass (that most are saying is fake) && she doesn't technically flash these things, but we ALL notice it && she raps about sexual things. Why? because "Sex Sales" - not saying she isn't pretty - cause she is. But people/men like her && now out of no where, Nicki is EVERYWHERE!

Now getting into the more "real life" examples, a prostitute - in mii definition: a person willing to publicly sale themselves - physically, sexually - to anyone willing to pay right after. && with that being said a whore - in mii definition: a person willing to publicly sale themselves - physically, sexually - to anyone willing to pay in the long run; *thinks* sounds quite the same to mii. But in the case of a prostitute it's illegal because she receives the money directly after the sale as oppose to a whore who receives the money throughout her "only have sex with him" relationship"? Meaning its better to use people then to tell them straight up, "I just want your money - pay mii"?!! *confused face*

Okay, I'm not saying prostitution is okay, don't just go sale'n your pussy. But if that's your way of getting YOUR money that the CUSTOMER is WILLING to pay then so be it.

Like for instance, strippers also enforce the "Sex Sales" statement && are also judged on a day to day basis - "who just shows anyone their body?" "Them girls is hoes, they let anyone touch them!" - && I'm here to tell you, your judgements are all WRONG. Never judge a book by it's cover - Especially if you'll never been to a strip club before. Most strippers don't allow the men to place their hands on them, just watch. I honestly, think it's the strippers decision to allow them to or not - probably depends on the tipper?

Well, a while back I went to Magic City in ATL && that was the best experience of mii LIFE! I never really judged strippers but I always wondered how do they do it but when I went there, after getting over the fact they were all really naked. Lol, I realized how chill && normal it was. It was like a concert, amazing. Like we've all seen titties && ass before I mean, haven't we? They don't just stand around showing their physical features they perform. I honestly, think strippers are smart for what they do - imagine $1,000+ a night for walking around looking like Eve (Adam && Eve) - I'm just saying. I think the questions when talking about strippers should be more like - "How are you so confident?" "How do you keep your body so toned?" - Lol. seriously. (But this is the Magic City dancers of course, Idk about them other clubs) Because if you really think DEEP into it, for people who don't strip, it's not really because you don't think its "right" to show your body that way, it's because you don't have enough confidence to show your body that way - but then again, this is just mii opinion.

I just feel like don't judge the business man/woman
judge the business.

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