Saturday, October 17, 2009

. a DREAM so close, yet far.

Everyday I see mii dreams become a bit
closer but yet a bit farther.
I feel like I'm so close but,
mii arms aren't Long enough.
Like I can touch it but I can't feel it.

To see other people where you want
to be should make you push farther.
Right? Like I can do what their doing
but better - I'm positive.
Or you think how come it came so easy
to them but it's so hard for mii?

Then one becomes insecure with themselves.
"I'm not good enough, I'm not
pretty, I'll never be noticed."
It's almost Like you've did
all you've done for nothing.

But then you remember,
we're all in the same struggle.
It's your choice to push farther or stay behind.

Dreams are only dreams if your sleeping....

Yours truly,

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