Monday, October 5, 2009


Usher has released his newest single "Papers". It's in reference to his recent divorce from Tameka Raymond. Everyone does what's best for them - although it may hurt, at some point it has to be done. This is the first time he spoke on the topic, && from the sound of it, he's ready "to sign them papers"....

"“I'm losing mii mind/ I can't figure out whose wrong && whose right/ I know its you I Love && then also know it's you I don't like/ you claim you hate who I was/ thats the reason you here now/ you think I don't know what's up/ - -/ I ain't afraid to say I ain't got needs/ but the only time your here for mii/ is when the bottles poppin && everything is sweet/ but i/ I'm tired of sleeping in the other room spending them long nights/ trying to figure out what in the hell in mii heart i ain't do right/ For you I gave my heart and turned my back against the world/plus you were my girl/ I done damn near lost mii mama/ I done been through so much drama/ I turned in to the man I never thought I’d be.

I’m ready to sign them papers…”

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