Sunday, December 13, 2009

.Chris Brown's Video, C.R.A.W.L.
Dear Chris, ii LOVE this video. so much emotion. . .

It's sad that stores across the world are neglecting putting Chris Brown cd on the shelves. It's funny how an individual can "rape a child" or "pee on a child" but still manage to keep their fans && be capable of selling out shows && cd's, but an individual who gets in a fight with his GIRLFRIEND can't do the same - scratches head - Not saying I agree with it but ish happens, you can't take it back. It's old and done. && there is no "comeback" to be made because Chris never Left, these are just childish acts that these stores are displaying. But it's cool, he's still selling elsewhere. Congrats Chris =)

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  1. absolutely in love w/ this song! great vid too! Well Cassie's hair kept throwing me off LOL