Monday, November 2, 2009

Friend. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Relationship.

I'm so tired of playing. Talking to this dude for one day. && not talking to him the next. That's a waste of time. Then do it all over again in a few weeks with another guy. Those are all waste of times && people I could have just left - unknown. What's the point?

At this point, how I'm feeling, I want someone I can call when I want to. They can call mii when they want. A non-stop texter, unless we have to. He randomly calls mii to go on surprise DATES. After a night of partying with mii girls, him with his guys we can both go home && share each others company. Someone to help turn mii fantasies into reality. Someone whose name flashes across mii screen && mii stomach gets butterflies. Somebody for when I'm having a HORRIBLE day I can call him && what seemed to be horrible isn't that horrible after all. Someone to make mii feel special && I do the same. Someone to have fun with, no jealously involved. We both know what's good. Mii boo thing, best friend. No title, just see where it ends. Just someone who makes mii feel good, be mii comfort zone....

Starting to feel Like this is to much to ask now-a-days...
I mean is it?


  1. Definitely not too much to ask. You are being groomed for your king and ready for all that a good man has to offer. Nothing great comes by being impatient. So your time will come. Just make sure you're ready.

  2. That was the best advice ever given thank you darling ;)