Tuesday, September 22, 2009

.A Never - Ending Weekend in ATL.
(&& if you wasn't in Atlanta this weekend, you ain't ish. hehe)



Well, we got there late as hell but still managed to get 4 drinks FOR FREE. Haha. Anywho, it was "ladies night" - Ashia, Mii, Tata, Ashley, Iris, Brittney, kellz && Essence. We just "pre"-gamed there. Lol. (Oh yeah, && I ran into two old friends. Weird. Ewh.)

OH WAIT, I almost forgot the BEST part of the day. I attended mii FIRST class at an H.B.C.U (historically black college && universities) && I LOVED it. I officically became a "Spelmanite". Hehe. I love mii Spelman sisters. Lol. I Loved the teacher also, she was very intellectual. Then afterwards I brought mii Spelman t-shirt; so I'm officially stuntin like shit. hehe ;)

Anywho, then we headed to "The Ultimate" to get more drinks - Ashia's FAVORTIE spot. Lol. && when we arrived Trey Songz was randomly sitting at the bar smashing some chicken wings. Straight bonez left on his plate. Haha.

Well, when I saw him I give him a little rascals wave (note I was drunk) && he laughed, then I was playing cause I didnt think he was watching mii && I mouthed "Can you follow mii on twitter?" && he turned around && said "Huh?!! Come here I can't hear you." I thought, "damn. Lol, caught." But I went over there && he told mii to put it in his phone, stupid thing didnt have service, but then he made us pinky promise he would follow mii && kissed mii hand - how sweet ;) (Now that I think about it, he STILL ain't following mii. WTF?!) Then we all just sat there ordering drinks then as he left he hugged us all && Ashia told him she was from Hampton && he introduced us to his friend who was with him who had actually graduated from Hampton University, how random.

So FINALLY got seated after an hour && we went IN on them drinks. Lol. We were the crunkiest table in the bar, loud && ratchet. Lol. Too fun. Oh yeah, so they were playing music videos on the big screens && we randomly saw Essence in a throw back video when she was 18 Lol. Too funny, she was watching these two girls fake fighting. Haha.

So...oh yeah, I had told alot of mii homies I would visit/ chill with them but time was going by so fast && it was so much to do in so little time - so if I didn't see you I promise I didn't forget about you && I was NOT playing games, I'll be back && I got you PROMISE ;) (Sassie ;))- So after the Ultimate since I could't meet mii "STC" crew at Red Carpet Lanes we all went back to their house but we were dead so that didn't last long. Smh. Lol.

so off to bed we went (6am)


Out of the whole weekend, today might have been the most stressful but yet the most fun. We started off in a rush being that we got home around 6am && had to wake up at 9am for hair appointments. The plans for today consisted of hair dresser, pedicures, minx nails && shopping for something new then pool/tattoo party. Unfortunately, it rained all morning but that wasn't going to stop our day - but being that there was a time change we had to cancel everything BUT the hair appointments of course (only Ashia got her hair done) but of course that took forever. && time had FLEW by. Anyone, the party was suppose to start at 12pm && we got there at 7pm. Lol.

Well, the pool/tattoo party turned into just a tattoo party being that it rained ALL day by our homies Sammie && Boogie (Star Camp) - it was a great environment && being that everyone, as well as miself, was drunk I think that made the night even greater. && to be honest, I was gone before I even stepped in the door. Lol.

By the middle of the night, I had stripped on the pole apparently (no taking no clothes off though) && mii friends && new homies made it "rain" on mii while Boogie broke azz made it "HAIL" (he threw a hand full of coins. Lol) Then I thanked everyone for helping mii buy mii favorites off the dollar menu. Lol. Also, mii VA partna's Leon && Mos came to ATL for the party - I Love them, but they only came for the day, boooo - but their coming back soon so then we can really party ;)

Well, when we got in Lloyd was getting his tattoo && he was playing, recording on his IPhone && we wasn't sure if he was recording us or what, he tried to act like he was texting. Lol. But then he admitted it afterwards. Then randomly he thought I looked familiar or that he knew mii - Lawd, he thought I was "Yasmeen", a singer (can someone send mii a picture cause I want to see her) but he kept saying thats a good look && I just said thanks. Lol. Then Sam got his tat, it was a Phoenix - he said it symbolized I believe his life && struggle of being a singer && how it (he) can go through or has been through alot but it never dies - interesting* (he repeated this 4 times cause Ashia was to drunk to understand. Lol. So I'm not sure if this exactly right) Anywho, he took that Tat like a G. Then some girl got rosary's around her ankle - it was cute && honestly everything after this was EXTRA blurry. But it was alot of fun/funny moments, great laughs && nice, pretty new people. && I remember at one point we turned the kitchen into our own dancing studio. Lol. && we was throwing it back on the jonks. && they say I don't got a phat azz. Pheeeshh. Lol.

Well, all the new homies I remember are Nia - such a sweetie pie, thats mii girlfriend. Lol. && Nas - that's mii stripper partner, I Love her. Jessica - Boogie's lil sis, I love her too cute && cool. Risky - her shoes were bad && she's so cute, but she kept laughing at mii. Lol. && these 3 girls - I cannot remember their names but I loved them, they were taking care of mii && Lloyd - although he kept implying he was going to Chris Brown mii, cause he had watched to much of that fight. Lol. I Love him, cool person. && we probably fought about 6 times && mii new homies tried to jump him but that didn't work either. Lol. He still kept fought mii. && Naw, I don't like Lloyd - I like em tall && dark with ceasar's, preferably. But he's extremely cool, homie for life ;) Anywho, we all exchanged Twitters - twitter has seriously tooken over. Lol. && I met a bunch of others as well...

When we left there we were extremely tired ....

so off t0 bed we went (4am)


Woke up Sunday && decided FINALLY we can go to the stores && get some new things. When we actaully got to the mall, shopped in ONE store it was 5:45pm && the mall closed at 6pm. FOL. (Fawk Our Life) Lol. So we didn't really get to shop. Well, sense we couldn't hang with mii STC crew as planned on Friday - due to drunkness, it was the big homie Pancho's birthday party so we decided to go with them to celebrate at Velvet Room - note it had been raining as if a hurricane was coming all weekend but tonight it was just OD. But we still decided to go out - had to end this never ending weekend with a BANG. Well, we got there - partied hard in their cute lil vip booth, everyone seemed to be having a blast I know we did. Then afterwards we all decided to go back to party more at the house && it was raining SOOO bad by this time. But we got to the house safely && it was the funniest - drunken - game playing session ever. Lou taught us how to spell ATL words. Lol. Like "talking about" is "T-A-L-M-B-O-U-T". Lmao. Hilarious. Mucho fun, added some new homies - Lou Will, Mr. Swag, Pancho, the twins, Constance && Ms. Cali - to mii ATLien favs - but they STILL haven't name mii legit-ly as the "First Lady" - they playing games, but it's all gravy. Lol.

so off to bed we go (11am)
- (Note I was suppose to be back in NC by then, but obviously not. smh)


- 6 deaths && various amounts of cars, homes && trailors flooded,
causing damages to families all over Atlanta.

This was a sad thing to wake up to, luckily mii, mii family && friends in ATL were all safe but mii condelences && blessings go out to all the families hurt do to this flood.

We took this day to thank God && catch up on rest much - needed, although I missed class && work I was really mad about that but guess everything happens for a reason.


Well, now it's TUESDAY && I'm back at school safe && sound, that's mii L O V E L Y weekend - did you enjoy it?!! Now it's time to catch up on sleep - goodnight *


*Thanks to all the newbies && friends who enhanced this great weekend:
Iris, Ashley, Ashia, Brittany, Essence, Kellz, Nas, Nia, Mos, Leon, Trini, Boogie, Sam, Jasper, Ez, Merv, Jessica, Llyod, the three ladies, Trey Songz, our two new hampton heads (forgot their names) Lou, Swag, Pancho, Bop, Kenny, Cali etc... Muahzzz ;)

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