Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NEW DESIGNERS: Coco && Breezy *

There's some hot new designers in town. They go by the names "Coco && Breezy", well I'm not to sure if their new but I never heard of them until today && judging from the looks, their designs are HAWT.

I'm infatuated with fashion && the way you can express yourself through it. So when I heard about these two I became quickly inspired - influenced && excited. There designs are uniquely w i c k e d - iLove it * && I wanted to lead a helping hand by promoting them on mii blog.

Rocsi (of BET's 106 && Park) actually wore their ring during the show today - as they posted on their twitter "EVERYone! ROCSI! Is WEARing the Cocoandbreezy Colab with Roming Panda RING! Right now! On 106 n park!!!!" - it was a cute two fingered ring w/ silver spikes sticking out of it.

Be on the look out for them - can I get some C&B ;)

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