Sunday, September 13, 2009

.Stop talking, be about it.

Sometimes I wonder will things ever change,
Will I begin to learn what the future will bring,
I wonder will that one dream I had ever come true,
Will I be happily ever after - I mean.

Then again wat am I doing to make this happen,
Will I ever proceed - progress to make it,
It's easy to say you want it,
but hardship comes when you try to achieve it,
I talk a lot but don't manage to back it,
so I guess when I do that I can ask;

"will things ever change"....

I'm wrote this because I find miself continuously viewing others achievements && saying, "that is where I am suppose to be right now", but I find miself doing nothing really to get there. I think I believe things are just suppose to come to mii, not literally, but I don't understand how something can be so hard to get but, they are - mii number one question is always "where do I start" - well, I need to get out there, network - be heard - work hard - && then others will be viewing mii achievements && saying their suppose to be where I'm at.

.&& this goes for everyone, so lets start TODAY. ;)

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