Monday, September 14, 2009

. Kanye, Lil Mama VMA Crashers?!!.

Last night on the VMA's, after previously being viewed with a bottle of Hennessy, during Taylor Swift's thank speech for winning a grammy Kanye went on stage, took the mic from Taylor && shouted that "he congratulated Taylor for winning but Beyonce had the best video of the year" interrupting the VMA's && leaving not only Taylor but the audience && viewers speechless. This was very unprofessional but I guess he was really upset or maybe we should blame it on the Hennessy?!!

THEN, during the final performance w/ JAY-Z && ALICIA KEYS performing Lil Mama had enough courage to actually walk on stage. Due to the fact that in most eyes "now-a-days" Lil Mama is NOTa hot commodity so this caused HUGE up roar amongst the twitter verse.

Within seconds viewers had designed various amounts of artwork displaying Lil Mama in pictures peeking behind Jay-Z && even pics w/ her && Kanye being "VMA Crashers", although some of the pictures were funny -because it's amazing what a person a can visualize && do w/ a picture - but it quickly became overwhelming && started to get childish.

I personally feel, Lil Mama got the publicity she longed for as well as the attention but I'm also pretty sure she never imagined it to become THIS big of a deal...

(see pictures below)

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