Monday, September 28, 2009


On Twitter Shad Moss formly known as "Bow Wow" expressed deeply through his tweets how hurt he is by the death of Derrion Albert && that the youth - us - && the government need to become involved with the society && try to work this out because the older generations just don't understand us. He is truly reaching out in hopes to lean a helping hand in any way he can. I feel as though nothing will ever change without a strong voice && I believe this is the perfect way to start...

"We must stop the violence. young black men we must come 2 getha. we are the future man. stop killin 1 anotha. rip Derrion Albert... GOVERNMENT: Instead of building high rises, why dont yall put sum of dat money into our inner cities? build new centers, studios, etc... yall give the young people no hope. they wana be rappers, ball players 2. how we pose 2 do it when yall giv them nuffn to look 4ward 2? Its a war goin on RITE here. f*** da government yall lettin us starv man look at dis shit. police beating on blk kids err day. yall do nuffn. But it also starts wit US! we gotta go 2 school set perfect examples parents 2. it starts at home. lets make 2day a new start young people i was the 1 marchn around walking in every ghetto across da usa 2 get da youth to vote. im already taking a stand. if my other young hip hop peers wont do nuffn, i will. TRUST ME!!! to the family of the victim if u need anything from me let me know, donation wateva it is i can do pls contact us. im taking a stand man!" - Bow Wow *

(below is the video he posted in response to the violence)

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