Monday, September 28, 2009


As I sit here in tears I can't believe how people take things to such extreme measures. This young boy by the name of Derrion Albert, 16 - was video taped being beaten to death in a fight started amongst his peers,
which seems to be after school, && it is proclaimed
that he was an innocent bystander....

Today has just been such a hard day, I guess for everyone && to see this form of violence I am hurt - deeply. This is really sad. The three males associated with this fight have been charged with first - degree murder && will be trial as adults ordered held without bond. Violence is not the key && I'm sure these young men had no intention in "killing" this young man but they did && I hope this is a lesson learnt. Be aware of your actions, you never know what the result may be.

I send mii condolences to this family, I am really sorry.
(Video has been removed by the blogger.)

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