Tuesday, September 8, 2009

.Jay-Z BluePrint 3 - HE'S BACK.

The new album "BluePrint 3" hit stores today, It was originally scheduled to come out September 11, 2009 which would be the same time the previous blueprint's came out but I'm not to sure why exactly it was pushed forward, but Tuesday is usually when cd's come out so that was fine w/ mii.

Personal opinion: I thought Jay-Z was done with the "rap game" but every since he decided to make "Death of Autotune" he has gone out of control. I feel like these "old heads" Jay-Z && R. Kelly for example, are afraid these young - fresh artist are really taking over. But legends need to know, your a legend for a reason - you'll NEVER be forgotten.

I mean - I'm just saying...

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