Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today was a G R E A T first day of school. I really enjoyed it, although I decided to participate in a work-study this year && we have a freakin training session on Friday AND Saturday - Like how rude. Ugh. Lol. But anywho, classes were a breeze - with the help of Twitter - just kiddin, but I feel great success with this year as far as grades *prays* - I'm sure I got this ;)

Anywho, mii && mii old roomies reunited && walked uptown - just like old times- && ate dinner at Hooters, I don't know why I ate that, I'm suppose to be dieting. oops. hehe. But anywho, dinner was great && oh yeah, this is Yannie's birthday week - she's turning the BIG 21!! Yay.

Well, following dinner we went to visit our other old roomie, so weird for mii but I Love how we are respectful of one another - everything happens for a reason - but maybe one day things will return the way they used to be; I kinda miss it....

But that was mii day - that's a great first day for mii ;)

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