Sunday, September 6, 2009


So I arrive finally at school (09/05/09) to a room where I know no one && I feel all alone. "Mii crew" at school consist of three people && we just associate with the others (well, 2 of us for sure) - I mean no harm, it's just one must never never get to close to some/certain people - thats mii motto. && matter fact, the ONE person who was here with mii decided to eat "dinner" instead of help mii move-in, how triflin. ugh.

But anywho, I've never really been so unhappy to be at a place but I seriously did not look forward to this. The only thing I looked forward to is the weekends where I will be in

But this is mii LAST year - WE'RE SENIORS BABY - && I plan on continuing mii last two terms with straight A's && I will do whatever it takes. - gonna make the best of this year -

(drunken hot nights in ATL shawty. muahaha.)

&& I hope yall (mii blog-readers) are prepared to come along ;)

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