Tuesday, August 4, 2009

.Practice Abstinence.

It seems like the longer I don't have sex the longer I don't get/find/have a boyfriend or "man-friend", not because I'm not having sex and they want it but because I'm afraid that I will slip up and have sex with a "man-friend" && stop liking him - this sounds so weird, i know - CONFESSION: I suffered from hitting it && quitting it in [ mii past ]; I was a very non-caring female; a man trapped in a females body, is what they used to call it! Hey, if thats all I wanted, thats all I wanted! Lol. But after "growing up" I'm ready to have a "real" relationship, but it's so hard, the only step I've past is being abstinent but when will the relationship come?!!

Steps to a "REAL" relationship:
Step 1. Practice Abstinence
Step 2. ????????
Step 3. ????????
Step 4. ????????

....Is there even a such thing as a real relationship now-a-days?!!

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  1. READ STeve Harvey's book... Girl--will change ya life!

    Steps to a relationship:
    1. Decide whether you really want one
    2. Get to know some people, their history, their family history, all the good stuff... test the goodies like puttin the booty on the package to make sure it "right"... or do some foreplay without actually "going in on it"... you could even do a ol' school hand job...
    3. Set some standards!!!!! Men LOVE when a woman has standards, they'll bitch and moan but at the end of the day THEY LOVE CHASING AND THEY LOVE WHEN YOU MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE IT'S "WORTH IT TO CHASE ME"
    4. Don't make it all about how good your sex is... it's not that--it's how good you will treat him, and how good you will look on his arm, and how good of a person you are...
    5. Be yourself--have a smart ass mouth, say whats on your mind, be honest--no one wants a "yes woman" cuz be honest--do you want a soft a$$ nuk? NO
    I think that's all I have to say on this subject... but the main thing is to have standards and don't try to make just anybody ya man cuz then you end up with some wack a$$ on ya arm and that is no bueno...
    Also read--Why Men Love Bitches... very redundant but it does make a good point... my man loves when I'm a bitch