Monday, March 22, 2010

.Rev-Run is, BACK?.

Rev-Run isn't back but his off spring, Diggy Simmons is! He just signed to Atlantic Records today and it's been a big confrontation because his brother Jojo Simmons has been rapping for a while now and his yet to get signed. But being the bigger brother Jojo stated on his twitter,

"#jojomustfeellike Diggy is gon take over and I'm there to support him! Family don't compete with each other we complete each other."

That was sweet! Anywho, I don't know about yall but, this freestyle "Flo Stoopid" Diggy did was better than ANY "young" artist out now! #Noshade, but that "Soulja Boy" phenomenon is a WRAP! He's very handsome, straight teeth && has a phenomenal demeanor! So the Ladies his age will DEFINITELY eat him UP!

BTW, when's the album coming out? I'll definitely buy it....

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