Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#FREEWEEZY or is Weezy Free?

So after watching Wayne Last night on "LilTwistTV ustream", which was expected to be our "Last time seeing him", before he was to be incarcerated for a year, it turns out Wayne did not turn himself in today. Because apparently, he has a "cracked tooth"? =/

His Lawyer stated, that he would need to get some form of dentistry done and it would take 2 weeks to recover, therefore the judge gave him until March 2 to turn himself in. wow. O_o

I swear "celebrities" think of the strangest things when it comes to REAL-LIFE-SITUATIONS, LOL! but I guess he gotta fix that tooth, huh? (&& I guess them All-Star games are back in notion.)

(If this is even true....)

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