Friday, October 2, 2009


I've been hearing alot about a "Karina Pasian", from mii friends to "celebs" - Lil Twist to be exact, he has/had a crush on her but I'm not the one to gossip - Lol. Anywho, I wanted to see for miself && mii friends know I Love a great singer - it's just so amazing to mii what one voice can bring - but it kept slipping my mind but today mii good friend Tee reminded mii to look her up && I did && I'm Literally A D D I C T E D.

She has sang many great songs - on her youtube (KarinaEntertainment) - && she sings them so good I can't even pick a favorite. Lol. See below a few I Loved - she kind of reminds mii of Alicia Keys but she brings her own taste to the music && it's perfect. Can't wait to see more of her...

I wish you the best of luck Karina ;)

"Why can't I love you in a slow motion // take my time //
Take away the pressure // on mii mind // really get to know u //
but rewind // Love you in a slow motion // why can't I"...

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