Saturday, September 26, 2009

.Oprah's Interview with JAY-Z.

When I think of Jay-Z I usually think of an arrogant, nonchalant yet talented individual. I never usually hear him talk besides through his lyrics. His talent is untouchable - irreplacable (as his wife would say). But during this interview with Oprah, I actually listened to him, his voice - his smile && his thought. I found miself tearing up actually cause it made mii think.

In one part of the interview he said that he just recently got over the fact that when he enters his offices in Manhattan his heart drops at the sight of seeing "Rocawear" across the desk as the elevator doors open. I realized that we, as people, are so caught up in " Jay-Z" the greatest rapper alive more so than Sean the regular person - not giving him the benefit of the doubt that this man is HUMAN - gasps -

But as he walked through his old home of Bedstuy - Mercy projects && he told Oprah he was overwhelmed at the fact that she was actually walking through Mercy it hit mii, because while he's excited at the fact that she is there the fans that await him are just as excited that he actually comes BACK to where he is from && shows his Love of once living there.

Situations like so, make mii look at individuals - entertainers - in a whole different view. As we constantly look at the entertainer we forget all about the regular person because we all are so caught up in the word "famous" && what the public criticizes it to be that we forget. I was always a fan of Jay - Z, but now I really appreciate his craft.

"I believe that anything you do in life you have to have passion about what you do, cause its hard work and i love it - && I Love the results " - Jay -Z*

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