Friday, September 25, 2009


Ok, so I'm bored on a Friday night. Yeah, wack - i know. But Necole Bitchie decided to go live on ustream and I decided to watch.....

Well, first Necole Bitchie is a well - known blogger amongst the urban industry. && unlike other bloggers like Sandra Rose or Perez Hilton, she does not blog negative things about people unless necessary, which differentiates her from most - && I like that.

Necole Bitchie is a very interesting person. I seen her one time at the "Ocean's Mixtape Release Party" but I don't really remember to much about her. Well, during her chat she discussed how she became who she is today && how her blogging began. && from the outside looking in, I honestly would have never thought she went through as much as she did, also by judging from the people she knows - && she's only really been doing this for two years? That's why I always say "you can never judge a book by it's cover"!

Anywho, during her ustream she got mii really thinking about alot of things. From the way I brand miself to the way I carry miself. Branding yourself is a MUST in this world but it's all about how your going to do it && why. The hardest part to mii is actually getting started cause although I never go by the saying "the first impression is the last impression", in today's world, it is. So looking at her I feel as though she thought big && she never stopped, which explains why she is finally in that place that she alway longed to be. && from watching her, I feel just one step closer.... Now all I have to do is begin branding miself.

P.S: I'm currently looking for an internship, so i might just be sending mii resume' over in a pursue to acceptance of Necole's internship opportunity.

Thanks Necole ;)


  1. necole has opened doors for me. enough said.

  2. I'm mad I'm just seeing this but yeah, I Love the way she has branded her name and what she brings. Nothing negative unless needed, she seems Like a great person.. && I would Love to actual meet her one day as well as yourself ;)