Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Trey Songz" is the Season....

I dont know what it is, but I think its the season of "Trey Babyyyy" YUUUUUP!! Lol. Girls are starting to jump on the Trey Songz bangwagon left and right. Don't get me wrong, I'm on that wagon as well but I BEEEEN on it! Hehe. Well, Mr. @songzyuuup (his name on twitter) has taken over the mixtape game. For the past week or two Trey has taken songs from "Birthday Sex" to "Ego" and remixed them to catching, interesting songs that one may not have the ability to resist! Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself?! Anyway, he just recently did a song with Sammie, "She Ain't My girl" && they sound GREAT! I actually made a dance to it, off hand because their sound and that beat was just that catchy! Trey is very talented and I think people are finally starting to realize it. All the female fanz look at him and they think he looks good so therefore they like his music. But as Trey is growing, into the handsome young man he is, I think people are beginning to realize that he can sing, its not just his looks or swagg. His new haircut, his membership with the "Ocean's" && his maturity is what's going to make Trey an unforgettable individual. && I can promise you, I'll never forget Mr. Trey Baby....

"U ain't gotta be a groupie to do mi, we both know we grown!"

Listen to Trey's Mix - "Every Girl":

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