Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can "ANY" female be sexy?!

So last night I was chilling with some guy friends of mines and they was arguing that "not all girls can be sexy!" Hold up, because for a second I was really like HUH?! What you mean? Any girl can put on a nice sexy, tight dress with her nice curves being hugged by that
perfect dress, with her hair, nails and make-up done to perfection with them sexy 6 inch heels && be sexy...

But then they stopped mi, && one friend in particular said..."OHHHH NOOOO, a cute girl can have all that on but then come in the club and can't dance, ugly posture and just be sloppy looking and that whole sexy appeal she gave off in the beginning is gone!"

So I thought for a minute and...that is true! Girls take all that time to try and "look" sexy but then forget to "be" sexy as well, females don't realize how close a male watches us. Of course, their first thought is "DAMN, shorty girl sexy in that tight azz dress", but AS SOON AS you slip up and they see you, along with their niggas, they are not going to embarrass themselves with the fact that you "looked" sexy instead of "looking and being" sexy, their pride is to strong for that.

But please believe, let them see you again without they boys..I bet they'll give you another try! Lol.

Example of a sexy female (as they stated)
was Ciara! && in my opinion, I agree because Ciara (@princessSuperC) is fu$ckin' PHENOMENAL! && realistically for example, in the words of the Ocean's 7 "NecoleBitchie was looking sexy in that club last night!"


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